Art In The Annex @United Caring Shelters, September 2015

Hot, humid days have meant art inside the Annex, working on stained glass mosaics to be sold at upcoming art/craft fairs in Evansville, IN and Henderson KY, to benefit the Art in the Annex artists — some who participated in Haynie’s Corner’s Funk In the City on September 26! But the weather is moderating as we enter autumn, and that means more time on the smoking yard wall, which we expect to complete by November. We are working on two window wells (see the amazing dragon sketch planned for one of them!) and memorial benches for several homeless shelter residents who died in 2014/2015. I was also honored with a pencil portrait of me by artist Rick Lewis. So touched! Again, thanx for the friendliness, assistance and trust of those who voluntarily make artwork with me!


Outreach with at-risk kidz, week of September 21

We are very close to finishing the gym mural at Central Academy! Not as exciting as the one in the middle school hallway (thus the boyz busy on graffiti signatures and other designs rather than helping much on the wall). But note these murals, created by A, independent of me, also at Central Academy!  At Henderson County High School we are assembling creative collages to adorn and advertise the CHEERS after school program. And at the Henderson Housing Authority we are creatively examining our heads via a contemporary “phrenology” project.

Art Enrichment with at-risk kidz in Henderson, week of 9/14/15

We are getting close to completing both murals at Central Academy in Henderson, KY!  We also had a guest graffiti artist visit the Housing Authority, CA and Henderson County High School’s CHEERS after school program on 9/16 and 9/17/15.  The kidz loved learning about graffiti styles from a veteran who knows first hand about graffiti, and kidz like them.

Completion of Story Quilt, Redbanks Pleasant Pointe

It was a real thrill to see the installation of the Redbanks Pleasant Pointe Story Quilt — especially the reaction of the residents involved in the project!  Coming soon: Life Stories/Life Lessons project, sponsored and supported by the Kentucky Foundation For Women!

Outreach with at-risk kidz, week of 9/7/15

We made a lot of progress on the Central Academy gym mural, just in time for Parents’ Night on 9/10!  Also on our zentangle board project at Henderson County High School. The Henderson Housing Authority kidz were amazing on their name zentangles as well.

Progress on Stained Glass Mosaic Projects, UCS

stained glass from outside 22 Jefferson

stained glass from outside 22 Jefferson

In the summer of 2014, a generous man gave me a huge donation of stained glass, with the stipulation that it be used for charitable purposes.  Boxes of glass and equipment subsequently sat in our garage in Spencer County, IN for almost a year until a United Caring Shelters care staff asked if I’d be interested in re-purposing old single pane windows.  Thus our Stained Glass Mosaic project was born!

Our finished windows are currently on display at 22 Jefferson Studios and Gallery in Haynie’s Corner Arts District in Evansville, IN.  They will also be offered for sale at the upcoming Arts and Crafts Fair, now sponsored by the Henderson County Lions Club, at Audubon State Park on October 3 & 4.  All proceeds go directly to the artists themselves, or (in their absence from the shelter) to support Art In The Annex at United Caring Day Shelter in Evansville.

First Friday @22 Jefferson Studio/Gallery, 9/4/15

Lots of artistic activity at 22 Jefferson Studio/Gallery Haynie’s Corner, Evansville, Indiana on First Friday 9/4/15. Had a good turnout, despite the heat.  Two United Caring Services shelter guests appeared to help out during the reception, which included a display of Art In The Margins artworks from United Caring Services/Shelter ‘s Art In The Annex program. A mosaic stained glass piece created by a shelter guest sold, along with many other small works of art and photography by the artist shown in the main gallery.  And the evening ended with entertainment across the street from 22 Jefferson, on the tightropes!

Completion of Redbanks Towers Story Quilt Project

On Tuesday September 8 I presented elders residing at Redbanks Towers in Henderson, KY, with their finished story quilt!

See more about the process: ArtSpark – Story Quilt

At-risk kidz outreach, week of September 1, 2015

My first week at Henderson County Housing Authority, working with an energetic group of middle and high school kidz! We will be meeting twice per week at the wonderful CAT center facility. Our first project: zentangle-like name designs. A similar project is taking place at CHEERS via Work of Art @Henderson County High School, where I also returned on 9/3. How I missed those kidz over the summer!

Six kidz helped with the Central Academy middle school hallway mural on Thursday, Sept. 3 — all afternoon, until the bell rang (2.5 hours).  During that time an Evansville police officer paused, commented, and was invited to paint! Also talked with A, a talented high school mural artist while working on his version of the eagle in the high school hallway. Impressive!