Outreach with at-risk kidz, week of November 1

The Growth panel project is finished at Henderson’s Housing Authority after school program, and ready to hang.  Kids are now well into a self-portrait project using old vinyl records (which they love to paint!) and teaching me a lot about Instagram and selfies. Eventually we will be using photographs of ourselves to project and paint on the vinyl.

At Central Academy, I worked with two thoughtful girls on our first Life Stories/Life Lessons topic: Loves and Hates.  They are a little afraid of writing and reading their stories aloud, so instead we worked on cards that illustrated those concepts as they see them.  Some amazing images occurred. It was also interesting to discover how differently we interpreted each others images.

And at Henderson County High School’s CHEERS program we created assemblages in our spray painted cigar boxes.  Kids had never seen or experienced “art” like this before.  Nor had they every been given permission to purposefully trash things in order to embellish their boxes!  Originally this was to be a Louise Nevelson inspired wall sculpture.  But kidz got so attached to their objects I agreed we should leave them unpainted, and assembled freestanding in a horizontal line.

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