Healing/Empowerment Work With Military Women — Athena’s Sisters

I became connected military women and women vets via a wonderful organization: Athena’s Sisters .

From their website: “Athena’s Sisters is an organization for all military women to use revolutionary expressions to grow in dignity and honor. Our members empower themselves through a sisterhood created by mind, body, and heart healing. Our artistic advocacy is building a community of courage.”

I donated stained glass I once used to help the homeless via an economic empowerment project to Athena’s Sisters and helped the director create a similar stained glass project for veteran women.

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On 5/13/17 I joined the director at the VOICE Expo, held at the Evansville Armory. VOICE acts as a sponsor and clearing house for events that help veterans and their families, as well as engage them within the community: Veteran Organizations Involved in Community Education.