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In 2010 I began a memoir entitled Semesterland, a true tale of connections between my failure to thrive in traditional academia and struggle to recover from a troubled childhood — although I have been a secret writer of journals since 1982, when I started college and psychotherapy at the same time.

Several stand alone autobiographical essays have since been published, including Art Education (Still Point Arts Quarterly) and Under The Piano (Line Zero), both in 2013, Thematic Development, Issue 5, Botticelli Magazine and Smartening Up (2014) which won an Honorable Mention in Spruce Mountain Press’ Past Loves Contest.

In 2014 I began keeping the artbagladyblog, stories about my experiences as a teaching artist to the under-served, including the homeless, women and children fleeing domestic violence, and at-risk kidz in middle and high schools. However, in late 2015 I stopped posting for a lot of stressful, complicated reasons that culminated in the August 2016 suicide of a man I first met at a homeless shelter, learned to love, and tried hard yet failed to help.

I have since removed The Art Bag Lady Blog from WordPress because I am writing again. I am turning that blog into a memoir about him, and us.

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  1. wow. I would like to say I can relate. but that is way deeper than I dare to dive. it goes without saying. you are a wonder. don’t stop. whatever it is you decide to do. don’t stop

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