Artistic fundraising efforts at Art In The Annex, United Caring Shelters

Art work for the upcoming fundraiser, Jazz, Blues and Shoes began in earnest in February at United Caring Shelter’s Art In The Annex.

Two enthusiastic shelter/Art In The Annex Guests help stretch, gesso and begin painting canvases that will be auctioned off at the April 2 fundraiser.

On 2/13, volunteers from University of Evansville as well as artistic shelter/Art in the Annex guests joined local glass artist David Powell in making “journey” rings to be sold to raise funds for the Art In The Annex program. They are on sale now, for $5, at AIM at Zion United Church of Christ in downtown Evansville.

And on 2/20, I met David Powell at his studio in Mt. Vernon, IN, and got a lesson in glass blowing. He also showed off three of the over two dozen bowls he is making for the upcoming Jazz, Blues Shoes fundraiser in April!

Updated Yard Wall Mural, United Caring Services, Summer 2015

Recent, amazing updates on the homeless shelter Yard wall, Summer 2015!

New Studio in Haynie’s Corner

I am so pleased to be part of Evansville Indiana’s arts district, by way of my first private studio space since graduate school!  Thanks to 22 Jefferson‘s owner Anna Maria Whetstine for inviting me, and to Emily Gartner of Arts Beats Eats for connecting us!

My new studio space at 22 Jefferson, Evansville IN

My new studio space at 22 Jefferson, Evansville IN

Finishing the UCS Yard Mural, Summer 2015

We — homeless artists and The Art Bag Lady — are getting close to finishing the smoking yard mural at United Caring Shelters Day Shelter in Evansville, Indiana. And we want/need another wall to display our awesomeness on!

Back on the Yard Wall, 2015

Now that the weather has moderated, artistic #homeless shelter guests at United Caring Services are helping to repair and finish the smoking yard wall.  Check back for updates!

Traveling Exhibit, UCS Embellished Chairs

Updates of exhibits of chairs, created and embellished by homeless artists for United Caring Services fundraiser Seat At The Table 2015

My new work with RiverBend Academy/ArtsForAll!

A very nice article about the arts empowerment/healing outreach I am doing in Henderson KY, on behalf of RiverBend!

And examples of some of the artworks created by underserved I am serving for RiverBend:

The Wall In The Yard, August 2014

Updates on the Yard wall at United Caring Shelters, August 2014.

Preparations for Art In The Margins, Extended Version !

Art In The Margins Logo

Art In The Margins Logo

Met with ARTSWIN (Arts Council of Southwestern Indiana) staff on Friday 8/1/14 to discuss specifics of the upcoming exhibit.

Art In The Margins, an exhibit of accomplished artworks by the homeless community, facilitated by Julie Struck, local teaching artist and art/creative activist.

Where and When:
The Bower-Surheinrich Foundation Gallery, 318 Main Street, Evansville, Indiana, September 16-28, 2014. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and by appointment on Monday.

Reception: Saturday September 20 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. at the gallery.

Please call: 812-422-2111 for more information, or email Julie Struck at