Life Stories, Life Lessons Update

Progress continues on the Life Stories/Life Lessons writing and art project, funded by the Kentucky Foundation For Women. Also find the KFW on Facebook!

On 1/5/2016 — before the wild winter weather set in — the elders at Redbanks Pleasant Pointe decided to write a personal note to the group of girls involved in the project via their after school program at the Henderson County Housing Authority.  The girls loved getting these “letters” written on the backs of old book covers, and were touched (and attended to!) the advice given by the elders. Then the girls responded during the week of 1/18/2016 with a collage of Loves and Hates, a topic currently being explored via poems and prose at Redbanks.

We also exchanged photographs — as bringing the two groups together had to be postponed due to the bad weather.  The girls were especially enthusiastic about doing this — and both groups were fascinated and excited to share photographs with each other.

Both groups can’t wait to actually meet!  But until we do we will continue this “pen pal” part of the Life Stories/Life Lessons project.  And a website is in the making as well!


Completion of Story Quilt, Redbanks Pleasant Pointe

It was a real thrill to see the installation of the Redbanks Pleasant Pointe Story Quilt — especially the reaction of the residents involved in the project!  Coming soon: Life Stories/Life Lessons project, sponsored and supported by the Kentucky Foundation For Women!

Completion of Redbanks Towers Story Quilt Project

On Tuesday September 8 I presented elders residing at Redbanks Towers in Henderson, KY, with their finished story quilt!

See more about the process: ArtSpark – Story Quilt

Got A Grant!

KFW Official Logo

KFW Official Logo

THANK YOU to the wonderful Kentucky Foundation for Women, for funding close to $4000 for my Life Stories/Life Lessons project connecting elderly women and girls through writing and art in Henderson, Kentucky! So excited about starting this project!!! Soon!!!