At-risk kidz outreach, week of September 1, 2015

My first week at Henderson County Housing Authority, working with an energetic group of middle and high school kidz! We will be meeting twice per week at the wonderful CAT center facility. Our first project: zentangle-like name designs. A similar project is taking place at CHEERS via Work of Art @Henderson County High School, where I also returned on 9/3. How I missed those kidz over the summer!

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Six kidz helped with the Central Academy middle school hallway mural on Thursday, Sept. 3 — all afternoon, until the bell rang (2.5 hours).  During that time an Evansville police officer paused, commented, and was invited to paint! Also talked with A, a talented high school mural artist while working on his version of the eagle in the high school hallway. Impressive!

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