Progress on Stained Glass Mosaic Projects, UCS

stained glass from outside 22 Jefferson

stained glass from outside 22 Jefferson

In the summer of 2014, a generous man gave me a huge donation of stained glass, with the stipulation that it be used for charitable purposes.  Boxes of glass and equipment subsequently sat in our garage in Spencer County, IN for almost a year until a United Caring Shelters care staff asked if I’d be interested in re-purposing old single pane windows.  Thus our Stained Glass Mosaic project was born!

Our finished windows are currently on display at 22 Jefferson Studios and Gallery in Haynie’s Corner Arts District in Evansville, IN.  They will also be offered for sale at the upcoming Arts and Crafts Fair, now sponsored by the Henderson County Lions Club, at Audubon State Park on October 3 & 4.  All proceeds go directly to the artists themselves, or (in their absence from the shelter) to support Art In The Annex at United Caring Day Shelter in Evansville.

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