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After almost two years as a member of Berea Makerspace, I have moved my mural and other large scale art activities to a new creative space located in Old Town/Artisan Village in Berea, KY. This is a partnership with an artistic other, a generous donor and several other artistic types who would like to offer a work and sales space to artists who don’t quite fit in with other artistic organizations in the area.

In particular my partner and I want to offer an “alternative” art space to folks whose work and artistic philosophies may not be in alignment with more traditional arts organizations in the area. We plan to create a Facebook and Events pages soon, and will be scheduling monthly “critiques” and salon-style get togethers in the coming months.

Enjoy the slide show. This is a mural panel that got stalled in the middle of its community creation in the Berea middle and high schools because of COVID-19 school closures. My plan is to finish it and work with the schools to have it installed where the makers can see it and be inspired by it late this summer. When that panel is gone I plan to create a whole series of mural panels on polytab (mural cloth), modeled on another mural I helped create at a homeless shelter, and sell them to whomever is willing to display them publicly, and help pay for the installation.

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