Teaching Artists & Creative Activism

Me, with homeless artist working on mural project at homeless shelter, summer 2015

Me, with outsider artist working on mural project at homeless shelter, summer 2015

What is a teaching artist?
Most art therapists and many art teachers are not practicing artists. A teaching artist/artist educator is an art-credentialed, practicing professional artist with the complementary sensibilities, skills and experiences of an educator. A teaching artist engages people by creating meaningful arts experiences that invite (not require) involvement, present choices (not directives), and teach creative risk taking in a nurturing atmosphere. Artists also know first-hand how art heals, empowers, and gives people who would otherwise go unheard a voice, as well as control over themselves and their situation, even if it is only during the art making session.  Even if art-making sessions are brief, they help vulnerable people gain a sense of competency, normalcy and community engagement.

What is an art activist?
Art and creative activists use art as a non-threatening, interactive means to involve people in creating solutions to important issues. 

  • Art is a tool to stimulate critical thinking, communication and creative problem solving.
  • Art has the power to bond people to each other and their community.
  • Art has the power to be utilized to address significant community problems.
  • Art is a universal language that connects individuals regardless of ethnicity, gender, orientation or age.

Since October of 2013 I have been offering my unique interdisciplinary arts programming as both a volunteer and independent contractor in Indiana and Kentucky and at educational institutions and service agencies that assist the homeless, the mentally ill, the vulnerable young, the elderly, and victims of domestic violence.


Please contact me for further information about my creative aging and arts empowerment/healing programming.





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