The Hold Up Hold On! Project 2019-2020

  • hand sketch by high school assistant, Spring 2019
  • my empowering object hand sketch, spring 2019
  • O's hand with Luna Moth, spring 2019
  • Julie's hand, posterized
  • Lola's hands posterized
  • HUHO Assistants
  • Logo for HUHO
  • girl's hands, model for mural panel
  • girl's hands, model for mural panel
  • girl's hands, model for mural panel
  • girl's hands, model for mural panel

A year-long public art. youth empowerment and mental health awareness project focused on building youth resilience and community engagement. Thanks to the KFW for funding me, and Berea Community School and the Berea Arts Council for hosting our photography and creative writing events on Wednesday through December 2019!

The HUHO! Project is organized into four key events:

Photography and creative writing: Capturing the raw materials for our multi-paneled mural. We seek participants, primarily girls and teens, who are willing to have their hands photographed holding empowering objects, or objects that have strong meaning for them. We also need creative writing to begin layer one of our mural panels — prose, poetry, music lyrics, writing that inspires youth. (Fall 2019)

Tracing and drawing: Hand photographs will be chosen for composition and variety, opened in Photoshop, simplified and projected onto individual mural panels. We seek youth artists to help in this stage, with some drawing experience. (early 2020)

Painting: This will be a community event! All ages and experience levels will be invited to help paint the prepared mural panels at one or more events in spring 2020.

Installation: The venue for our HUHO! mural will be chosen by spring 2020, and we will spent late May and June installing it. We hope to make it moveable so that it can travel to several locations before it finds a home in an outdoor Berea location where youth gather. There will be a photo op panel, as well as a place for visitors to leave comments on how the mural impacts them.

Thanks again to the Kentucky Foundation for Women, for making this mural project possible!

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